Digital Invites How To

When you make a purchase from one of our table sets, we send you a custom designed digital invitation to match! 

Online order confirmation page with a digital download link for Capri Coast Invitation.

1. Place Your Order

If you're purchasing one of our disposable dinnerware items, you'll likely notice that a digital invite is automatically addd to your order! Once your order is placed, you'll receive a link to download the digital invitation on our website's Thank You page! If you missed it, you'll also be emailed a copy so be sure to check your email promotions and junk folder if you don't see it!

Thank you card with blue floral designs and lemons, including text instructions for downloading a digital invitation.

2. Download Your Invite

Click the "Download Now" button on the thank you page or in your email and you'll be taken to a link on our site where you'll need to click "download now" again. Once you do that, the invite PDF will be downloaded to your device's "Downloads" folder where you can open it! We suggest doing this on a laptop or desktop computer as opposed to your cellphone. 

Blue and yellow floral wedding invitation template for Katherine and Alexander, with date and location details.Person using a laptop with a graphic design interface on the screen.

3. Canva

Once your click the link on your digital invite, it will open an internet browser to If you open the link on your cellphone, you'll be prompted to download the Canva app. If you don't want to do this, be sure to open the link on your laptop or desktop computer instead. 

You'll then be prompted by Canva to either login or create an account. Creating an account will just take a moment and it's absolutely free!

Illustrated 35th birthday invitation with lemons and blue leaves, text details for Jane Smith's celebration.

4. Design

Simply click on any of the text to replace it and type in whatever you'd like for it to say!

Screenshot of a digital birthday invitation editing interface with floral design elements.Screenshot of a document download interface with options for file format, size, and page selection.

5. Download

Once your happy with your invite design, click on "Share" and then "Download" at the top right corner of the screen. If you were given multiple invites but only chose to edit one of them, you'll want to only download that page. To do that, click on the "select pages" drop down and select only the page that has the invite design you want. Click Download once again and you're good to go! The invite will show up in your device's Downloads folder and you can print it, email or text it, etc!