About us

As a foodie family, Thanksgiving is a big deal in our household and our favorite holiday. Each year, we cook a feast and set a beautiful table for lots of family & friends. In 2015, we were tired of doing the dishes for days on end after the big event, so we vowed to go disposable the following year. We could not find anything elegant that we’d be proud to set our table with, and so we designed it ourselves!
Our line of wavy-shaped paper plates was an instant hit and became an Oprah Favorite! Since then, it has become our mission to create products that inspire people from all walks of life to gather around a beautiful table and break bread together.
Sophistiplate has blossomed into a one stop shop for elegant entertaining & gift items. Today we have 5 brands including:
  1. Sophistiplate - a line of pretty paper tableware & designer re-usable cutlery
  2. Maple Leaf at Home - a line of personalized & custom engravable premium serve & glassware that’s proudly engraved in the USA!
  3. Simply Baked - a line of paper bakeware
  4. SugarPlum Party - a line of fun partyware
  5. Simply Serv’d - a line of cocktail & barware accessories

We hope that you can sense the love & care we put into each product we carefully create in our assortment, and that each product from us inspires people from all walks of life to gather together to break bread.

Happy Entertaining!
With Love,
Gary & Dan Seehoff

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