ECO Compostable Plates 8 ct

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Dinner Plate 8 ct
Salad Plate 8 ct

✅ Compostable

✅ Biodegradable

✅ Stunning

✅ Sturdy


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Sustainable meets Sophisticated in our new beautiful new line of wavy, eco-friendly & compostable plates. Skip the dishes and save the Earth!

  • Made from all natural materials including a bamboo fiber blend

  • Dinner Plates: 9.5"

  • Salad Plates: 7.5" 

  • Super sturdy & heavy duty 

  • Pack of 8 

  • Industrially Compostable – certified by BPI

  • Available in 5 Beautiful Colors


Compostable & Biodegradable

Made With Bamboo

Natural bamboo, wood fiber, and sugar cane!

Strong & Durable

These plates can seriously handle any buffet


Has a cornstarch coating ready to serve

What Are People Saying?

"You want to be sustainable you want to entertain but you don't want to do the dishes. These plates are stunning. Just because it's sustainable, doesn't mean it can't be amazing!"
- Clean My Space

Why Sophistiplate?

Just Because It's Disposable Doesn't Mean It Can't Be Stunning

ECO Plates

Basic Disposables

Eco Friendly & Compostable

Gorgeous Design

Multiple Colors

Strong & Sturdy

Impress Your Guests