One Cup, Many Uses

If you’re like me, the days we’ve spent at home due to COVID-19, the Coronavirus, have given me time to flex my creativity muscles and spend a little more time in the kitchen. While many of us love the Simply Baked baking cups, I’m of the opinion that these cups are probably better called EVERYTHING cups. It’s one cup that has many uses!

Try our Petite Baking Cup for mixed nuts, Jordan almonds, condiments and even Jello shots!

Our Small Baking Cups are perfect for individual shrimp cocktail, mini-quiche or personal cheesecakes!

The Large Baking Cups are ideal for fruit salad, chips and salsa or crudité and dip.

We love the Jumbo Baking Cups for popcorn, ice cream sundaes or leafy green salads. 

Our cups are pre-greased, free-standing, liquid-tight and oven-ready. What’s not to love?

Whatever you decide to use our baking cups for, we’d love to see! Reach out to us at or follow us on Instagram at @sophistiplate and @simply.baked.

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