Pizza Peel

To achieve that perfect, crisp crust on a homemade pizza, it needs to be baked directly on a pre-heated surface (ideally a pizza stone or baking steel). But transferring a thin sheet of raw dough in and out of a hot oven without the right utensil is a tricky proposition.

It's easy to burn yourself or destroy all the hard work you’ve put into shaping it—or both. You've probably watched pizza parlor pros move pies from their work counter to an oven and back using long-handled, paddle-shaped tools.

pizza peel product image

Fortunately, we have a solution for you! Introducing our new Maple Wood 14 x 21" Pizza Peel. 

Made from North American Maple Wood and created right here in America. By adding a family name on one of two laser engraved monograms it becomes the perfect gift for the pie lover.

 pizza handle

With a wooden handle and bevel edges, it will make it easy for you to pull that perfect pie from the oven.

Whether you're a self-proclaimed pizzaiolo, or just looking for a safe way to cook your pizza, this is one of the best pizza peels for your kitchen. Customize Your's Today!

pizza peel