What Should You Ask for This Christmas? (2021)

We’re definitely no strangers to getting gifts we don’t want. Although our loved ones have the best of intentions, sometimes we wish we could tell them exactly what to get us instead. Well, we think that some of the lucky amongst us actually have that option. 

If you’ve been asked about what’s on your wishlist this year, then this is your chance to really go for what you want. If you need a few ideas on what that could be, here are a few of our gifts that you should ask for this Christmas. 

If You’re on a Wellness Kick

It seems like so many people took up a wellness routine last year. If you’re one of them (or if you’re just starting to get into it now) then certain gifts will supercharge your journey. Here are some ideas for wellness gifts that you can ask for this year. 

Face Sculpting Bar (Preferably in 14-Karat Gold)

Apparently, the gym isn’t just a place to get fit. These days, a new concept of a face gym has been popping up everywhere. Its promise? To give you an instantly chiseled face.

To achieve this in the most glamorous way possible, a face sculpting bar is one of the best tools to use. In just a few minutes every morning, you can increase blood flow to the face, get rid of puffiness, and make yourself feel amazing with what is basically a face massage (the gold is just an extra luxurious touch).

Heat Therapy Mat

Bring the spa experience to your own home with a heat therapy mat. 

The beauty of this mat is not only that it heats up to soothe sore muscles and make you feel like you’re inside a warm blanket, but it actually has several therapies. Depending on what you get, this can include red light therapy, hot stones, and negative air ionization therapy. All of these can soothe sore muscles, promote circulation, and just make you feel pretty darn good. 

Matcha Kit

Judging by its popularity, you’re probably well aware of the many health benefits of matcha tea. Besides that, it just tastes amazing. But did you know that pre-made matcha powders aren’t actually all that fresh?

Enter the matcha maker. This is a machine that will deliver the freshest matcha to you every time. This machine can store your green tea leaves, grind them up for you, and make it into a hot (or cold) matcha latte for an elevated morning caffeine ritual. 

If You Want a Cool New Gadget

If you’re long overdue for a new tech toy, then Christmas is the perfect time to get out of the rut. Here are some cool new gadgets to ask for as your gift. 

Robot Vacuum

If you’re still using a hand vacuum, then you’re missing out on the cute little gadget that a robot vacuum can be (we hear pets especially love them). A wireless disk that’s no longer than ten inches, a robot vacuum will keep your floors spotless 24/7. Some can even be connected to your phone for voice commands. 

Sunrise Clock

If you’re feeling groggy in the morning as the days get shorter, then a sunrise clock can be a perfectly fine substitute for the real sun. This type of clock can simulate a sunrise with all its brightness, play morning sounds (such as chirping birds), and charge your smartphone all at the same time. For easy mornings, this will make an awesome gift. 

Smartphone Photo Printer

Do Polaroid photos make you nostalgic? Us too! Although, we’ll never give up the convenience of having an (almost) professional camera on our phones. 

Luckily, we don’t even have to compromise with a photo printer that connects to your smartphone and prints all your best selfies. If you want to print out your cell phone photos instantly, this is the new gadget to ask for this year. 

If You Just Moved

If you got yourself a new place this year, then you might still be working on making it feel like home. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get the things that you need (and other things that you don’t need but really want). Here are some of our favorite gifts for the home.

Luxury Candle

Make your place smell like it’s truly your own with a scented candle. 

As much as we love luxury candles, we realize that not everyone can splurge on them. In this case, have someone else splurge on your behalf by getting you this gift for Christmas. And, of course, the scent is only half the equation. Pick a beautiful candle holder so it’s a treat for the eyes—even when your candle isn’t burning. 

A High-End Cutting Board

If there’s one thing every home cook needs, it’s a trusty cutting board. With high-quality wood and a touch of personalization, the right cutting board will be one you own for ages. For this to feel like a true surprise, ask your gift-giver to engrave their personalization of choice. 

A Cast Iron Skillet

A cast-iron skillet is such a versatile kitchen tool. It can be used to bake, grill, and fry. In addition to being completely non-toxic, it can literally be passed on through generations of families. 

And as for the best part? It’s very economical. If you want to keep your Christmas wish list below a certain budget, then this gift will be the perfect thing to put on it. 

If You Just Want Some Luxury in Your Life

Sometimes, we don’t need a gift with a practical purpose. Instead, we want something to indulge all of our senses. Here are some ideas that will help you do just that.

Silk Pajamas

Sometimes you just want to slip into something special after a long day. For those occasions, silk pajamas can feel like the perfect indulgence. Whichever style you prefer—a bathrobe, a slip, or long pants—you’ll actually start looking forward to bedtime. 

A Cashmere Throw

A blanket made out of cashmere is perfect for those nights when you’re cozying up with a book on the couch. Cashmere tends to be lightweight and incredibly soft to the touch. So, if you’re over your current blankets, a cashmere throw can make for a luxurious replacement. 

Designer Chocolate

When you really dive into the world of chocolate, you’ll begin to discover that store brands don’t even begin to compare. From cacao of all origins to flavors as varied as bacon and blood orange, luxury chocolates are a treat for the senses. Plus, the packaging will be enough to make you want to keep it on your countertop forever. 

If You’re a Serious Gourmand

If you’re the first person your friends text for restaurant recommendations, then you just might know a thing or two about good food. Capitalize on your knowledge with these perfect foodie gifts. 

A Personalized Pizza Peel

Making a pizza with a properly crispy crust requires cooking it on something super hot—like a pizza stone. Unfortunately, removing your baked pizza from it is a tricky proposition. For this reason, we use pizza peels to remove our pizza from the oven. 

If you want to get into the fine art of pizza-making, then a pizza peel is a must-have for you. And while you’re at it, see if you can get away with asking for an entire pizza oven. 

A Wine Subscription

If we had multiple lives, we’d spend them trying all the different wine varieties (of which there are thousands!.) If this sounds like something right up your alley, then pack this ambition into a wine subscription gift. You’ll get a few (or a lot) of different bottles of wine to try out so you can pick once-and-for-all your very favorites. 

Indoor Smart Garden

Is there anything better than going into your garden and picking some fresh herbs to cook with? If that sounds like a far-off fantasy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn about the indoor smart garden that allows you to grow all types of produce indoors. With it, you’ll be able to have fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables without ever going to the store. 

Not Another Pair of Socks

If you’re making a wishlist this Christmas, we hope that our list of favorite gifts gave you some ideas about what to ask for. So, this year, we hope you get more of what you want this year and less of what you don’t. Happy Holidays!



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