Top 12 Party Ideas To Host for Your Friends

As much as we love our friends, it’s pretty hard to see them on a regular basis. We blame it on adulthood! Whether it’s due to jobs with crazy schedules, family responsibilities, or everyone living so far from each other, we definitely don’t get to see our friends as much as we want to.

But if there’s one thing that makes life incredibly fulfilling, it’s having the right people to surround yourself with. For this reason, we work extra hard to keep our friendship bonds going strong. 

One foolproof way we do this is by throwing parties—and throwing them often. It’s common to think that birthdays are the only occasions fit for hosting a party for our friends, but there are actually tons of opportunities beyond a birthday party to celebrate throughout the year. To give you some inspiration, here are some of our favorite party ideas to host for your friends.

If You Want To Celebrate an Actual Holiday

There are so many holidays on the calendar that you can really throw a party every week. But to get your friends really on board with celebrating, here are some holidays that everyone will want to take part in: 

Valentine’s Day

Ah, yes, the day of romance and seeing enamored couples on every corner. While it’s a beautiful celebration for those in love, it can also be an amazing opportunity to celebrate if you don’t have a significant other. 

Take a page out of South Korea’s book and host a party with your friends. To make your party really fit the theme of the day, you can serve romantic dishes (we’re thinking cheese fondue, champagne, and chocolate-covered strawberries) and create a playlist of love ballads that everyone can sing along to. You can even plan some fun activities like DIY party hats, wreath making, or decorating cakes.

To make this celebration extra special, enlist your friends to bring gifts—in an exchange type of deal—where you give each other luxurious presents such as bouquets of roses, expensive scented candles, and high-end sleepwear (because who doesn’t need a silky robe in their life?). You can also send all of your guests home with little party favors like body spray, ice cream, or chocolates!


It’s not always possible to celebrate with family on Thanksgiving. Whether it’s due to pandemic worries, long travel distances, or a hectic schedule, some of us have to spend our Thanksgiving away from our close relatives.

Thankfully, these are the exact moments that make us so grateful for our friends. If some of them are in the same boat as you, then you can definitely get together for this delicious holiday

Ask some of your friends to show up early to help with the cooking (you know, for bonding reasons). Or better yet, make this a potluck dinner by asking everyone to bring their favorite side dish or pies to the fête (since you can never have too many of those on Thanksgiving). 

Cinco de Mayo

Contrary to what most people believe, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day. Instead, it celebrates the country’s victory in a battle against Napoleon’s France. But for some reason, it’s fiercely celebrated in the U.S. under that misconception. 

Honestly, we can’t blame anyone for loving this holiday so much, since the food and drinks associated with it are delicious. For this reason, it’s a fun occasion to gather with your friends. 

Make this into a party by creating an upbeat playlist, serving Mexican-inspired dishes, and drinking lots of boozy cocktails. And hey, maybe you can even play some trivia about the history of this holiday! 


Whether you prefer a trick or a treat, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with your friends. Unlike other end-of-the-year holidays like Christmas, Halloween isn't considered a "family" holiday. Of course, you may prefer to give out candy to costumed kids with your immediate family, but these Halloween party ideas might inspire you to live it up with your friends instead.

Your party theme can be spooky like horror movies, witches, or scary stories, or you can choose to go a whimsical route with a costume party or a kid-friendly Halloween bash. Regardless, you'll need tons of Halloween-themed desserts like pumpkin pie, cupcakes, candy corn, and popcorn. Top off your snack selection with orange shots, pumpkin-flavor cocktails, and party punch. 

Because your party guests will want to show off their meticulously planned Halloween costumes, don't forget an Instagram-ready photo booth set up with props, pumpkins, and Jack-O-Lanterns galore! 

If You’re Celebrating Someone’s Life Milestone

Recognizing the accomplishments of our friends is super important. Why not do this by throwing them a party? Here are some of the major life milestones we’re especially excited about and some of the ways to celebrate them. 

If Someone Got a Promotion

If your friend just got promoted to a new role or got a serious bump in their salary, it’s super important to show how much you support the progress they’re making in their career. The best way to do this? A surprise party, of course.

To do this, invite all of the people who know your friend and appreciate their success. This could be their family, friends, and, of course, co-workers. Plan a delicious food menu and cocktails, put up some fun decor, and let the rest unfold naturally for an amazing party. 

If Someone Bought Their First House

If someone bought their first home, then you have a serious cause for celebration. Break out the confetti! Of course, if the person in question is you, then a house-warming party is your best bet. Power up the backyard grill, and have a grand old time. 

However, if we’re talking about another person here, then you can’t exactly start planning a party at their new place. So, the next best option is to suggest throwing a party and offering your help hosting it. It might help to remind them of all the house-warming gifts that come with this type of party.

If Someone Got Another Degree

We all have that super-smart friend who is seemingly always expanding their education. Although a master’s degree is becoming sort of the norm, it’s still a huge cause for celebration. Oh, and if your friend got a professional degree—we’re talking nurse, doctor, lawyer—then they literally passed the most important milestone in their career.

Show your friends how much you appreciate their intellect by throwing them a dinner party where they can talk all about their future career plans. And ask some of the other guests to pitch in for a special gift for the lucky graduate. 

If You’re All Just a Bunch of Foodies

Sometimes, we just want to get together with our friends and have a good time by eating all kinds of delicious things. If this sounds anything like you and your friends, then you don’t even need a special occasion for a party. 

Just pick a date on the calendar and inform your friends that you’ll be surprising one of life’s greatest joys that night. Here are some food party ideas to get you started.

Pizza Party

This isn’t the pizza party of our middle school days. Instead, it’s a sophisticated affair with professional pizza-making tools, high-end ingredients, and a bottle of wine to go with it. 

Make this party extra fun by having your friends collaborate on making pizzas. Have them knead the dough, pile on the toppings, and go through the pizza-baking process. 

Wine and Cheese Party

We will never need a special occasion to eat cheese. But it somehow feels so much more special when shared with friends and served on a fancy cheese board.

Make this party an opportunity to not only eat all the cheese but to try different varieties, too—those from all around the world. And of course, a cheese party isn’t complete without a good wine pairing!

Tea Party

If wine isn’t your cup of tea, then a tea party is another popular beverage to center your party around. And it can be done in the middle of the day (not that you won’t catch us drinking wine during the daylight hours). 

While throwing a tea party fit for a queen can take a bit of planning, we think that gourmet teas and yummy finger foods are more than enough to get you started. Bonus points if you can take it outside to a garden-inspired venue. 

If You’re Long Overdue for Some Fun

If you’ve been all work and no play as of late, then you should absolutely get some fun in your life. Get your friends together for a party centered around your favorite activity. Here are some of our favorites:

Trivia Night

Throwing a trivia night party is a great idea if you have a mix of guests—some of whom may not know each other too well. 

To make this party a success, pick the type of trivia that you know your friends will enjoy: This could be celebrity news, history, or sports. And if your friends are all super smart, then general trivia will be a blast, too. Raise the stakes by buying a prize for the winning team. 

Poker Night

If gambling is your thing, then we can’t imagine a more fun party to throw for your friends than poker night. (Of course, it can also be any other card game that you’re familiar with.)

And the best part is that you don’t even need that many people to play. Indeed, six people is the perfect number. And honestly, all you really need is a poker set and some good whiskey to make this party a hit. 

Dance Contest

Ask your friends to come dressed in their favorite JLo-inspired outfit and to be ready to dance. If you want to make this a competition, then more power to you! But honestly, drinking cocktails and dancing to our favorite beats seems more than enough for the perfect party. 

Life Is Better With Friends

Keep up with some of the most special people in your life by throwing them a party. Whether you’re celebrating an official holiday, a life milestone, or the fact that you got a new cheeseboard, no occasion is too small for a party. For that reason, we hope our party ideas have inspired you to throw your own! 



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