Rose Gold Birthday Decorations for Your Next Party

As much as we love classic gold and silver décor, rose gold is becoming a hot trend in many party themes. A combination of yellow gold and soft pink, this color is the perfect blend of romantic and edgy that will make any party perfectly Instagrammable. As a bonus, rose gold can fit into most party themes and is appropriate for any type of venue that you choose for hosting your birthday.

If you’re throwing a birthday party this year, then we totally recommend decking out the space in rose gold décor. To give you some inspiration, check out these 18 ideas for rose gold decorations from Sophistiplate that will instantly make your party the most glamorous affair your guests have ever attended. 

1. Rose Gold Party Banner 

To announce to your guests that they’ve officially arrived at your birthday party, you need a rose gold party banner to set the scene. What the banner says is completely up to you! In addition to “happy birthday,” we also appreciate banners that say “the party has arrived,” “blow out the candles,” and “get ready to party!”

You can hang it up garland-style in the entrance to your party space, use it in the backdrop of your dinner table, or make it float in the center of the room by using helium-inflated balloons. 

2. Rose Gold Fringe Curtains

To block off those no-go spaces in style, you can use fringe curtains in a rose gold color. These can be easily hung above any doorway using tack pins to add an instantly glamorous aesthetic to your entranceways. To spruce it up, you can even glue some stars or hearts to the curtains. 

3. Rose Gold Star Garland

A rose gold garland — especially if it’s made out of stars — just screams modern royalty. You can keep things low-key by hanging up the garland in the backdrop of your dinner table. However, we’d prefer to go all-out by hanging up multiple garlands anywhere they can go, such as the ceiling, the walls, and the window frames. 

4. Rose Gold Birthday Confetti

Confetti is a simple yet glamorous way to add some extra-festive vibes to your party décor. You can spread some confetti on your dinner table (or any other surface) to instantly spruce up your party. Or you can use some glue to attach confetti to various surfaces. We’d play around with making cute shapes out of confetti, such as hearts, crowns, and the moon and stars. 

5. Rose Gold Balloons

If you want to have a room full of floating rose gold balloons, then you can rent a helium tank for the day to blow them up. Another unique option for decorating with balloons is to make a balloon arch, which is super easy and can be accomplished by taping up balloons in an arch shape for impressive décor.

6. Rose Gold Photo Backdrop 

For professional-looking photos at your birthday party, you need a photo backdrop. For a fun DIY project, you can buy a large piece of rose gold photo paper and deck it out in your favorite design elements. Another option you can try out is to hang up a rose gold fringe curtain in a corner of the room — accompanied by professional photo lighting — for perfectly glamorous photos.  

7. Rose Gold Birthday Sash

Since it’s your birthday, you want to feel as glamorous as possible as you walk around your party. What better way to accomplish this than with a rose gold birthday sash? Personalize it to say something quirky, such as “30 looks good on me.” Of course, something as simple as “happy birthday” will more than do the trick.  

8. Rose Gold Birthday Crown

If you want to feel like true royalty on your special day, then a crown is a must. Nix the classic silver option in favor of a rose gold one that’s decked out in all sorts of colorful crystals in addition to your favorite design elements. It is, after all, your special day! 

9. Rose Gold Tablecloth

If you’re serving dinner at your birthday party, then you should absolutely take advantage of this opportunity to create a beautiful tablescape. Start out by laying out a rose gold tablecloth, which will serve as the perfect foundation for the other table décor that’s to come. 

10. Rose Gold Candles

The lighting at your birthday party can go a long way in setting the ambiance. If you’re going for an intimate, romantic, and sultry atmosphere, then candles are an absolute must. To go along with your party theme, make sure to get plenty of candles in rose gold containers. Bonus points if they can be decorated with stars, hearts, or anything else that screams glamor. 

11. Rose Gold Tableware 

Instead of going for plain ol’ tableware, going for rose gold plates can make your dinner table look extra glamorous. To avoid having to clean up after, make sure to use disposable plates. Unlike the flimsy paper plates of years past, Sophistiplate’s options are basically indistinguishable from real china. Make sure to accompany your tableware with glamorous cutlery, such as our Rose Gold Plastic Cutlery

12. Rose Gold Mason Jars 

Mason jars are a cute way to serve any beverage. However, plain glass mason jars are a bit too picnic-y for your glamorous rose gold party theme. Not to worry: You can totally make your own rose gold mason jars by painting them with rose gold paint or dipping them in rose gold glitter.

13. Rose Gold Straws 

To go along with your mason jars, don’t forget to serve straws. Ditch the plastic that’s ruining our environment and go for paper rose gold straws. Of course, there are plenty of other paper straws that will perfectly match your rose gold party aesthetic. 

14. Rose Gold Champagne Coupe

For Great Gatsby vibes, we’d recommend using champagne coupe glasses (with plenty of bubbly to keep them full). If you can’t get your hands on ones that are rose gold, then you can use a DIY approach by painting the glasses with rose gold paint or dipping them in rose gold glitter. Make sure to keep the coloring to the stem of the glass to prevent the coloring from getting into drinks. 

To make your champagne display truly glamorous, you can even make an impressive champagne tower; we promise, it’s easier than it looks. Make sure to set aside a table that’s far away from any dancing to avoid any accidents!

15. Rose Gold Table Board 

A beautiful way to serve dessert at the end of the night is to use a table board — similar to a charcuterie board — to make an elaborate spread. Once you have your pastries, cupcakes, or cookies, you can lay them out in an artistic manner on the rose gold board. We promise your guests won’t be able to get enough photos of it!

16. Rose Gold Cake Stand

To serve your birthday cake at the end of the night, we recommend grabbing yourself a beautiful rose gold cake stand. This will significantly elevate the appearance of your cake and give your guests plenty to admire when you blow out your candles. Of course, there are plenty of other cake stand colors that will perfectly match your rose gold party décor.

17. Rose Gold Cake Topper 

A cake topper is an easy way to personalize your birthday cake. Experiment with different font types and sizes to end up with the perfect rose gold cake topper for you. Instead of “happy birthday,” you can have the cake topper say something else, such as “queen bee,” “time to party,” and “[your age] and fabulous.” 

18. Rose Gold Party Bags

At the end of the night, what better way to say goodbye to your guests than with an elaborate goody bag? Use a rose gold bag filled to the brims with cool party favors that your guests will actually love and use. Some of our favorite party goodies include:

  • Mini bottles of champagne for your guests to pop open on a special occasion 
  • Personalized glassware to accompany the bubbly 
  • Luxury scented candles in gorgeous packaging to spruce up any room 
  • Hangover kit to help your guests get back to normal after your birthday party
  • Plenty of sweet treats to last your guests days 

Your Most Glamorous Birthday Party Yet 

Decorating with rose gold is a foolproof way to instantly add a glamorous aesthetic to your birthday party. A combination of romantic and edgy, a rose gold party theme will instantly impress your guests and keep them snapping #rosegoldbirthdayparty photos all night long. To make your birthday party a hit, Sophistiplate has your back. 

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