Celebration Stylist

The Celebration Stylist created her own set, now called the Bella Rosa set, combining our black, pearly white, and pois (polka dot) gold petalo plates to create the cutest mini-mouse themed and/or ladies lunch tablescape you have ever seen! 
"Sophistiplate is the partyware solution you've been searching for my friends! It's all disposable and available in pretty much any color you can imagine, and even some patterns too. It's mostly made of paper. Most of the plates also have these gorgeous ruffled edges that I just adore. My favorite part of the line is, by far, the chargers. I love bringing chargers into a party for that extra special touch but chargers are difficult to stock in order to rent out because it's hard to have the right colors and quantities needed for every party and purchasing them new for each party is just not cost effective, not to mention they're also very heavy to lug around. So Sophistiplate really solves this dilemma." -Jess aka Celebration Stylist